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Distracted Driving Accidents in Frisco, TX

States nationwide have implemented strict laws to combat cell phone use while driving, particularly texting. In Texas, it has been illegal since September 1, 2017, to read, write, or send text messages while operating a vehicle. These laws were enacted due to the growing hazards of distracted driving, which is as dangerous, if not more so, than driving under the influence. Despite the widespread acknowledgment of these dangers, a concerning number of drivers openly admit to texting while driving. For instance, in 2015, 42% of teenage drivers confessed to actively texting or emailing while behind the wheel. Similar to drunk driving, distracted driving remains a leading cause of accidents.

At JML Injury Law, we’re dedicated to seeking justice for victims of distracted driving accidents through the civil justice system. He holds distracted drivers accountable for the harm they cause and strives to secure the maximum available compensation for victims. This compensation helps cover medical expenses, lost wages, physical and emotional suffering, and other damages resulting from the accident. If you’ve been injured by another driver on the road, contact our Frisco distracted driving accident lawyer at (214) 764-3600 for a free consultation.


What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), refers to any activity that diverts your attention from driving. The CDC categorizes distracted driving into three distinct types.

  • Visual – A visual distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road in front of you.
  • Manual – A manual distraction is one that takes your hands off the steering wheel.
  • Cognitive – A cognitive distraction is anything that takes your mind off the task of driving.

Certain actions involve multiple forms of distraction. For instance, texting and driving typically encompasses all three types of distractions. You divert your gaze to read or send a message, utilize your hands and fingers to hold and text on your phone, and your mind wanders from driving as you contemplate the content of your text.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) reports, 13.3% of fatal motor vehicle accidents in a recent year were linked to cellphone distractions. However, the NSC also highlights that distracted driving accidents are significantly underreported. This finding is supported by statistics from the CDC, which indicate that 69% of drivers in the United States aged 18 to 64 self-reported talking on their cellphone while driving within 30 days prior to being surveyed. These statistics underscore the persisting issue of distracted driving. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Reach out to our skilled auto accident lawyer at JML Injury Law now.

Types of Driving Distractions

Distracted driving refers to the act of operating a motor vehicle while engaging in non-driving activities. It is important to be aware of the various forms of distracted driving, some of which include:

  • Texting or calling while driving: Cellphone conversations are one of the most common and perilous driving distractions. Drivers who engage in calling or texting while behind the wheel are more prone to overlook changes in traffic flow, disregard their blind spots, and veer into neighboring lanes.
  • Adjusting GPS inputs: Entering new navigation information into a GPS device is a complex task that should never be attempted while actively driving a vehicle. Drivers who fiddle with GPS devices fail to pay adequate attention to the road.
  • Eating or drinking while driving: While many people think nothing of consuming food or beverages while driving, doing so can cause drivers to remove their hands from the wheel, making it harder to react to emergencies.
  • Personal grooming while driving: Attempting to apply makeup, shave, fix hairstyles, or change clothing while driving diverts eyes from the road and hands from the steering wheel, increasing the likelihood of a distracted driving accident.
  • Talking to passengers: While conversing with passengers is generally safe, drivers who talk animatedly or turn around to interact with passengers can become dangerously distracted and cause accidents.
  • Interacting with pets: Pets can be distracting under any circumstances, especially in stressful driving conditions. When owners discipline, restrain, or praise their pets while attempting to operate a motor vehicle, they can become distracted from the road and unable to react to changing conditions.
  • Daydreaming: Driving can be monotonous and repetitive, leading to a distracted state known as “highway hypnosis.” A driver who becomes excessively absorbed in their thoughts may fail to act in time to avoid an accident.
  • External distractions: External distractions, such as billboard advertisements, points of interest, and even other traffic collisions, can divert the attention of even the most cautious driver, increasing the likelihood of a distracted driving accident.

Distracted driving poses numerous dangers. It impairs a driver’s reaction time, making it difficult to promptly respond and prevent accidents. In critical moments, drivers may find themselves with their hands off the wheel, unable to execute necessary maneuvers. Moreover, mental distractions can lead to a failure in recognizing potential hazards ahead. It is crucial to prioritize focused and attentive driving to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, contact our distracted driving accident lawyer in Frisco, TX now to learn more about how we can help.

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Distracted Driving Laws and Penalties in Texas

According to the Texas law, it is illegal to engage in texting and driving throughout the state. Specifically, the law prohibits drivers from using their cellphone or any other wireless device for the following activities while the vehicle is in motion:

  • Reading or writing a text or electronic message
  • Sending a text or electronic message
  • Using a handheld device while in a school zone
  • Using a handheld device if under the age of 18 or within the first six months of obtaining a learner’s permit

Violating these rules is considered a primary offense, empowering law enforcement officers to stop drivers if they witness any of these activities, regardless of whether another traffic offense was committed. For a first-time offense, a fine of $25 to $99 is imposed. A second or subsequent offense carries a fine ranging from $100 to $200.

Moreover, certain cities in Texas have implemented more stringent laws that prohibit the use of handheld cell phones for anyone other than emergency responders. This is justified by a recent report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which reveals that using a handheld phone poses nearly identical distractions as hands-free phones. The AAA also found that it takes drivers up to 27 seconds to regain their attention after issuing voice-to-text commands. Additionally, drivers who engage in cellphone conversations are more prone to rear-end collisions compared to intoxicated drivers.

How Long Do You Have to File a Distracted Driving Accident Lawsuit in Texas?

In Texas, there are strict time limits for filing certain types of lawsuits in civil courts. For personal injury cases like distracted driving accidents, it is crucial to file your suit within two years from the collision date. Failure to do so may result in dismissal of your case and the loss of your right to seek compensation for your losses. At JML Injury Law, our skilled distracted driving accident lawyer in Frisco, TX can assist you in meeting the necessary deadlines and ensuring timely filing of the required paperwork.

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