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Amusement Park Accident Lawyer in Frisco, TX

Experience heart-pounding thrills, moments of laughter and cheer, indulge in salty delights, and savor the delectable sweetness of cotton candy – these are the expectations people have when they visit an amusement park. Rarely does one pause to consider the safety of the rides, the cleanliness of the grounds, or the level of training of the employees. Why? Because these expectations are inherent to amusement park owners, ride manufacturers, and staff. However, when these expectations are not met, the consequences can be truly devastating.

Shockingly, approximately 5,000 accidents occur annually at amusement parks across the United States. Such incidents often result in injuries, and in the worst cases, wrongful deaths. If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to the negligence of the amusement park, its employees, or the ride manufacturers, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for the damages incurred. Seek assistance from our dedicated amusement park accident lawyer at JML Injury Law to help you pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.


Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

Numerous factors can transform a delightful day at the park into a scene straight out of a horror film. Let’s explore the primary causes behind amusement park accidents:

Mechanical Failure

By law, all amusement park rides must be equipped with safety precautions like lap bars and harnesses to ensure rider safety in case of any mishaps. However, it’s important to note that these precautions are not infallible. Tragically, some of the most dreadful amusement park accidents have occurred due to the failure of safety measures to function properly.

Another potential cause of mechanical malfunctions could be found within the ride itself. This includes worn-down tracks, rusted bolts, or even a faulty hydraulic system, all of which could transform a joy ride into a deadly one. Common examples of such accidents include roller coaster cars becoming detached from the rest of the train or from the rails. Mechanical failures may stem from manufacturing flaws or the failure of staff to properly maintain the ride.

Improperly Trained Staff

It is crucial for amusement park staff to possess a comprehensive understanding of safety procedures, maintenance techniques, and the proper operation of rides. Any deficiency in knowledge could result in ride failure, posing a significant risk of injury or even fatality to both riders and fellow employees.

Nature of the Ride

Certain rides inherently possess a greater degree of roughness compared to others. Consequently, it becomes paramount for amusement parks to proactively inform their guests about the potential risks associated with these rides. This can be achieved through the display of warning signs, implementation of rider restrictions based on health conditions or physical attributes, and ensuring that only those who meet the necessary criteria can safely partake in the ride.

Failure on the part of an amusement park to adequately warn riders about the potential hazards prior to their boarding or to enforce safety regulations may render them liable for providing compensation in the event of any injuries or damages resulting from the ride.

Unsafe Premises

Amusement parks have a duty to ensure the safety of their visitors by maintaining a reasonably safe environment. This responsibility extends to areas such as stairwells, elevators, escalators, bathrooms, and other common spaces. Premises liability lawsuits can arise from various types of accidents, including slip-and-fall incidents, injuries caused by falling objects, and fires or explosions.

Common Injuries Sustained at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks, with their exhilarating rides and dizzying heights, can become hazardous if the equipment is not adequately maintained or the staff fails to adhere to safety protocols. Commonly reported injuries at these parks include:

  • Deep bruises
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Burns
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Drowning (on water rides)
  • Wrongful death

Injuries can occur during and after rides on roller coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, and waterslides. Negligent security can sometimes lead to assault-related injuries, while poorly designed parking lots have been the cause of multiple car accidents. If you find yourself in such a situation, our Frisco amusement park accident attorney can assist you in holding the park accountable for compensating your damages. These damages may include:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages for any time missed from work
  • Loss of earning ability if you can no longer work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium (if you are married)
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sue an Amusement Park in Texas?

Indeed, it is possible. However, it’s important to note that not all waivers enforced by amusement parks hold legal validity. In the state of Texas, for instance, a waiver must meet specific requirements to be considered binding in a court of law.

  • It must be in writing and signed by the participant or their parent if they are under the age of 18
  • The language is clear, concise, and contains no ambiguities
  • It contains an exact list of known risks and hazards
  • The contents do not violate public policy

Not all waivers hold legal weight. Some may contain language that renders them invalid, or the actions of park representatives may exceed mere negligence and fall into the realm of gross negligence or malice. In such instances, a liability waiver cannot shield the park from responsibility for its wrongful acts. Your personal injury attorney can thoroughly examine the contract you signed and determine if you still have grounds for pursuing legal action.

Who Is in Charge of Regulating Amusement Park Rides?

There are two main types of amusement park rides: fixed-site rides and mobile rides. Fixed-site rides, such as those found in well-known amusement parks like Six Flags, Disneyland, and Seaworld, are permanent structures that operate year-round. These rides are built to last and do not require disassembly at the end of each season. To ensure the safety of riders, these parks undergo inspections conducted either by the state government or by third-party companies hired by the parks to ensure compliance with state and local regulations.

On the other hand, mobile rides are typically found in fairs, circuses, and temporary parks. These rides are designed to be easily moved and set up in different locations after each stint in one place. Due to the constant assembly and disassembly, mobile rides are subject to additional regulations and inspections overseen by the CPSC.

Both fixed-site rides and mobile rides offer unique experiences to amusement park visitors, but it’s important to ensure that all rides comply with safety standards to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Amusement Park Injuries?

Typically, the responsible parties for injuries sustained at amusement parks encompass the following entities:

  1. The amusement park
  2. Ride operators
  3. Maintenance companies
  4. Manufacturers of the ride equipment
  5. Owners of the property where the park is located

In cases where negligence or improper operation by a park employee is involved, the park can be held responsible for any injuries that occur. The same holds true if a manufacturer has supplied faulty equipment or inadequate instructions for the proper assembly and operation of a ride. Furthermore, property owners can also be held accountable if they fail to ensure the safety of their premises for guests. Our amusement park accident lawyer in Frisco, TX is dedicated to helping you determine which party or parties are liable for your injuries.

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An amusement park is a delightful and entertaining destination for families to unwind and create lasting memories. While fun should be the only concern, it’s important to acknowledge that oversight in some amusement parks can be lacking, potentially resulting in injuries. If you or a loved one have experienced an injury while visiting an amusement park, don’t hesitate to reach out to JML Injury Law at (214) 764-3600. Our consultations are free, and we operate on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if we successfully handle your case. Allow our experienced amusement park accident lawyer in Frisco, TX to advocate for you and your rights.